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Seeding Intergenerational Resilience II Campaign


21 November 2017 – The Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience (AIR) is launching its second Seeding Intergenerational Resilience Campaign, which will run from 21st November - 21st December 2017. AIR’s campaign goal is to raise enough money to establish 7 intergenerational resilience hubs throughout Turtle Island (Canada), Aotearoa (New Zealand), Alba (Scotland) and Australia with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. These hubs will allow Elders, youth and communities to come together, strengthen relationships through sharing perspectives and traditional knowledge, applying these learnings to an issue of sustainability of their choosing. For example, in AIR’s Toronto hub (to be featured later this week), the Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre in Toronto will partner with Indigenous women to address issues of food sovereignty and security.

Recent years have seen a growing disconnect between people, and people and place in many parts of the world, including Canada. Throughout the world, connections between generations have become fragmented. AIR is actively involved in healing and revitalizing these connections which are so critical to human-environmental well-being. AIR (formerly known as the International Resilience Network) works to preserve traditional knowledge and re-establish Indigenous, intergenerational, intercultural connections. For Air the leadership of Indigenous Peoples is vital to the future of this planet.

“This campaign is about raising the necessary resources to seed and grow these hubs. However, it is also much more than that!” says AIR’s Founding Director Dr. Lewis Williams, “It is about generating awareness, building community through breaking down silos between generations and cultures, and getting people’s stories of intergenerational resilience out there.  Healing our planet must be a collective effort.”

AIR was founded in 2015 at an international Summit, held on Tsawout traditional territory, Vancouver Island, B.C. Indigenous and non-indigenous participants with diverse cultural backgrounds aged between 17 and 80 years travelled from various countries and regions to spend time on the land, share stories and learn from each other. The land-based learning activities and the panel between Elders and youth on resilience proved really powerful in inspiring AIR’s ongoing work.

AIR’s campaign managers and dedicated volunteers are taking a grassroots approach to help foster more resilient relationships within and between communities. Through effective community engagement (in all hub locations) and crowdfunding, the alliance is working hard to generate the funding and resources necessary to bring these 7 intergenerational resilience hubs to life!


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